Let your voice be heard

Some people are fans of poetry and the literary arts but think that they are not cut out to get up in front of strangers to share what’s in their head and heart. If that is your desire, our encouragement is to get around it first. Saturating oneself in a creative environment with an open mind has a way of speaking to you in ways that anyone’s dogma won’t convince you of. We see elements of ourselves through others. We are all connected as human beings. There is a sort of magic that happens when you witness someone modeling something you didn’t think you would dare do ever! Come to listen and simply be. And whatever happens, happens. You may be the next person to let your voice be heard. Just maybe.

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Tuesday September 13

Downtown Credo

Saturday September 17

Full Sail Live 

141 University Park Dr.

Winter Park, FL

Tuesday September 20

Downtown Credo

Saturday September 24

Orlando Repertory

Theater @ 1001 E.

Princeton St. 

Orlando, FL

Tuesday September 27

Downtown Credo

Wednesday September 28

The Wave Hotel @

6100 Wave Hotel Dr.

Orlando, FL

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