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Art Of the Word

The Longest running Open Mic night in Orlando

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Downtown Credo N. Quarter

885 N Orange Ave.

Orlando, Florida 




Every Tuesday night from 7:30-10pm.

Open mic nights are a brave space for artistic expression, community building, and a bit of escapism. Listening to the experiences of others through poetry, song, or even comedy connects and inspires us in ways we may not fully grasp in the moment. There is something special that draws us back to these spaces week after week or month after month, whatever your routine. If you don’t have a routine, we invite you to share a space with other creatives and incredible people in general. You, too, can experience and contribute to the Art of the Word!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday January 17

Downtown Credo

Sunday January 22

First Baptist Church of

Orlando @ 3000

S. John Young Pkwy

Tuesday January 24

Downtown Credo

Seasoned Poets

Coming Soon!

What's Diverse Word?

Diverse Word was launched on September 19, 2006 at Dandelion Community Cafe, just north of Downtown Orlando. The open mic night ran weekly on Tuesday nights until March of 2020.  Diverse Word shifted to online during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which we learned that the venue, Dandelion Community Cafe, permanently closed their business. Diverse Word found a new home and returned to in-person engagement on December 1, 2020 at Downtown Credo РNorth Quarter, just a few miles north of the original venue and continues on Tuesday nights to this day.